Free Anxiety Workshop | What Is Anxiety & How You Can Overcome It

In this anxiety workshop delivered via Zoom Mark Stubbles, a hypnotherapist who suffered with chronic anxiety will explain what anxiety is, why it can never be completely eliminated and how anxiety actually serves a valuable purpose. He will show very powerful techniques to help you immediately reduce anxiety and explain how he stopped anxiety affecting his life. Learn what anxiety is. Learn ways to reduce anxious feelings. Techniques and tips to increase confidence. Who is this for? This event is for anyone who suffers with anxiety. Discover how you can stop anxiety controlling your life. Discover how you can stop anxiety affecting your relationships. Discover how you can stop anxiety affecting how you live your life. Learn amazing hacks to induce a focused state of calm, powerful breathing techniques, a simple and discreet way you can apply Chinese medicine to instantly reduce anxiety and panic.

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Fear & Anxiety Workshop Halloween Special | Hypnosis to Reduce Fear and Phobias

In this free workshop Mark Stubbles, a hypnotherapist who used to suffer with anxiety, paranoia and negative self talk will discuss FEAR, what fear is where it comes from and how we can reduce it.

Does fear stop you achieving your goals?
Does it keep you stuck?
Is fear causing you to be unhappy?
Do you have phobias?
Is fear causing you anxiety?
Do your fears control you?

Would you like to:

Feel more confident?
Overcome phobias?
Live the life of your dreams?
Feel happier?
Feel in control?

I will be sharing tips and techniques to help you overcome fear, reduce anxiety and increase confidence, there will be a short guided meditation and maybe hypnosis to end.

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Mysharni Mullings Discusses Being Trauma Informed and Mental Health

Mysharni is a Trauma Informed Care Practitioner she say’s, “We have a responsibility as a society to be more trauma aware and informed . Here’s 5 steps we can take to help make it happen. 1. Talk about A.C.E’s childhood trauma is very common 2. Let’s normalise talking about toxic and dysfunctional family dynamics 3. Let’s stop demonising children when they act up in schools. We would get so much further if we started asking people what happened to you Vs what’s wrong with you 4. Let’s kill the myth that things that happen in your childhood don’t affect you in adulthood . 5. Society is starting to normalise having proper conversations about mental health. We are ready to start talking about trauma .#traumainformed

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PTSD Hypnotherapy | Trauma Rewind | Cope With Traumatic Experiences Hypnosis Podcast Episode

This PTSD recording using the rewind technique, this technique is a very effective means of removing any emotional charge from traumatic events. In this PTSD hypnotherapy download I use something called double dissociation so sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder don’t have to relive the traumatic event.

Podcast Episode

A YouTube video of this recording can be found below